Found in a Facebook group

P.S.A from the admin and mod team:

This is a Facebook group, not a democracy. It means that we can choose to ban and mute people as we see fit. Whining about your mute or ban in our inboxes is really fucking weird and you can bet your ass that your whining is screenshotted and posted in the mod chat with us laughing about what a fucking weird cunt you are. Don’t do that. Keep your complaints to yourself, nobody wants to hear them. We are not customer service. This ain’t a fucking McDonald’s where you can go up to the counter and demand to speak to the manager about your soggy ass fries and burger having no lettuce and leave a bad Google Review afterwards. Nobody is getting paid here, so nobody wants to fucking know. I repeat, this is a Facebook group, not a goddamn democracy.

Thanks, that was just an announcement I wanted to make.

Enjoy shitposting away xoxo

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