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Look at the Princess’ description in the game, they wouldn’t talk about “having warm feelings” towards her if she was underaged because that would be creepy. Also in the clash a rama series you see that the Prince and Princess both like each other, and the Prince is an adult himself, and the Knight (who’s also an adult) I believe liked the Princess too and the Executioner clone (who is a middle aged man) and Archer also like each other in a different episode, so she likely isn’t a minor too. They wouldn’t showcase grown adults dating minors in a show without them getting in major trouble. Plus if you click on the Archers profile too she also doesn’t look like she’s under 18 and I don’t think they would draw her like that if she was. It’s just young and dumb kids who think that because they look “small”, they’re automatically underaged when that’s not case. The Rascal boy is large but is assumed to be under 18 because of the use of the word “boy” and is the older sibling to the Rascal “girls”.

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  1. If you look at the description of the princess in the game, you won’t tell him hot. in the dramatic series, the princess and the princess love each other, the princess is an adult, and the princesses also as a princess, and the queen clones, and the archers resemble together in different episodes, so it is not likely to be useful. we will not introduce people who collect adults and women at the show without causing great problems. If you click on an archaeologist profile, it does not like less than 18 years and does not think it shoots. If you look at a small number, it is because it automatically misses when it is not. rascalboy is an older brother with razcal girl for using boys under the age of 18.

  2. Lihat deskripsi putri dalam permainan, mereka tidak akan berbicara tentang memiliki ” perasaan panas” untuk dia jika dia kekurangan karena itu akan menakutkan. Juga dalam bentrokan serangkaian rama, Anda melihat bahwa pangeran dan pangeran baik satu sama lain, dan pangeran adalah orang dewasa sendiri, dan ksatria (yang juga orang dewasa) saya percaya bahwa saya mencintai putri juga dan klon dari executor (yang adalah seorang pria rata-rata) dan lengkung juga sebagai satu sama lain di episode lain, sehingga mungkin tidak minor. mereka tidak akan menyajikan orang dewasa yang keluar dengan anak-anak di acara tanpa memiliki masalah utama. dan jika Anda mengklik profil lengkung juga dia tidak terlihat seperti dia di bawah 18 dan saya tidak berpikir mereka menggambar seperti itu jika dia. Meme it Ini hanya anak-anak muda dan hewan yang berpikir karena mereka kecil, mereka secara otomatis kekurangan ketika itu tidak. Anak laki-laki skal tinggi, tetapi seharusnya berada di bawah 18 karena penggunaan kata anak laki-laki dan adalah saudara tertua untuk gadis kulit kepala.

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