Found on AskMadghosts. “What would you do if you if 4 thugs walked up to you and demanded your pizza when you are alone at night?”

Get in a perfect fighting position as quickly as possible then as thug 3. tries to punch me I would block his punch with my hand, squeeze his fist and then break his bones, with the bones of his right hand broken he would need to use his left, at this point thug 2. and 4. would try to attack me from both sides, as thug 1. is stealing my pizza for himself, I would elbow both of their faces as they are rushing at me using all their energy. The force of my elbow attack would immediately stop them and break their noses. For my next move, I would somersault backwards and escape to a safe distance. Thug 3. tries to headbutt me but I would dodge his attack and take advantage of his vulnerable backside and karate chop his neck to make him go unconscious, after that as thug 2. tries to kick me, I would grab his leg in the air, lift it up and throw him backwards. Thug 1. seems to be eating the pizza while his “friends” take care of me. The others don’t seem to realize this, so I would tell them and the group would turn on each other. I would then go to the back side of thug 1. and swiftly kick his legs and make him lose balance, after that I would kick his neck to make him go unconscious. Thug 2. is alarmed so he would try to attack me without much thought and then I would punch him at insane speeds until he breaks all his bones. Victorious I would take my pizza slice.

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