Found on Geometry Dash Gamers/Likers English Facebook Group by Daniel Octaviano

One day i was playing geometry dash in class with my uninterested friends. Then my crush was walking by to go sharpen her pencil then she saw me playing geometry dash then she said “wow you know that game?” So i replied with yea. At this point my friends were giggling and the whole class was looking at us. Then at that moment she saw me playing skullduggery by alkali, so she said, “omg you are trying to beat that demon too?! Looks like you are way ahead of me. My highest was 46%. Whats yours?” so i said 86%. So she said “cool, can you try to beat it for me?” I was blushing so hard at this point that my cheeks felt kinda numb. So i tred to beat it and i actually did after a few attempts. Then she said” your the best” and holy crap i literally fell into so much shock that i was stiff for some reason.💀 On recess we started talking to each other and turns out we had so much in common. That night i smiled while sleeping. The next morning we talked about geometry dash and turns out she had 2cp. So we kept on talking and we bacame best friends. A few months later i actually confessed my love for her and she likes me to so we started dating. And just last week i proposed to her and she said yes and tomorrow we will get married. And then i realized. That was only in a geometry dashers dream. 🙁

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