found on r/squareposting (told someone that sex doesn’t equal gender) tw: usage of a slur

You are beyond retarded. The immaculate amount of bullshit from this reply is enough to wipe off every living thing on earth with more than 1 braincell and an iq score higher than -2. Please tell me how the fuck “intersex” would work as a gender, I don’t know why the hell your talkin considering your parents relationship didn’t work just like your brain when you came up with that bullshit reply. And on top of that you fucking failed sex ed, just like your parents failed to make a human being with common sense and functional comprehensive abilities.


If you would have even read 2 sentences with your crippling mental state you would have seen that your argument being, “intersex is a gender” is a meager opinion and not a fact. But your stupid-ass lowbrow piece of shit faggot “facts” are not even worth saying anything against considering the consensus is that you are just a 13 year old dipshit with an identity crisis. They are just an insult to your already disfunctional failure of your emotional and intellectual state. Do us a favor and shut your ass up, and start speaking something meaningful unlike anything you’ve done.


Your not fucking talking, you act like you would have friends.


Ok you are embarrassing yourself for no reason like i’d give a damn

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