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So I’ve changed highschool recently and it has been great there so far. I have alredy people I get along with a bunch of people, so we decided to go out shopping. I and another new girl from my class, let’s call her Jess, like vinyl records, so I told her about going together to buy some. She wanted to bring her gf, and I was ok with it, I’m open about meeting people. Now, here comes the first problem, I don’t think any one of us actually knew who or how many people were coming. We didn’t have any chat group, so I asked Jess if other people from our highschool could come. She said that the more the better, so I invited some more people.

Let’s just skip to who actually came, Jess, her gf, her friend, a girl one year older than us from our highschool (I’m gonna call her Clown, you’ll understand later), her gf (who she told no one was coming, at least not me) and the two people from our same year in our highschool, plus a familiar of one of them. Im not naming them as they aren’t relevant, as they faked being sick to go somewhere else, they didn’t know that we were all coming and I don’t blame them.

Okay, so I get there and everyone is there. Second thing, Clown is a weirdo. And I really mean it. She came dressed like the clussy meme girl from Ace Attorney. She told us she dressed weird, but I didn’t expect THAT much, you know. She’s actually pretty nice, but I was weirded out and felt kinda embarrased going with her. If you think I have no reason of doing so, that’s because I didn’t tell you that she went around with a LEASH ON HER GFs NECK. SHE JUST DRAGGED HER AROUND AND BOTH WERE INTO IT. We went like that to a supermarket to buy random-ass room temperature litre of offbrand cola. Also, they said that they don’t care about the temperature of the drink they have, which I believe to be absolute psychopathy. Let’s talk about Jess’ friend and gf. They were very physical. They wen’t around taclking and picking each other up in random public places. That got me nervous because I was worried they bumped into someone.

So then, they have the great idea of going to a sex shop. I didn’t want to, and most of us didn’t go in. Were fourteen for fucks sake. Because im writing this on madghosts I guess you alredy know that not only am I single, I haven’t even shared a kiss. And we were going to a fucking sex shop because they wanted condoms, and Clown’s gf (she’s trans, that is relevant now) wanted popsicle flavoured lubricant. This was not a joke, they didn’t buy it just because they didn’t have that much money on atm. They also showed us the condoms they had on their bags and told us how between the span of around a day from their first kiss they had sex. I did not need to know that, I felf uncomfortable. Clown asked if there was something wrong, I told her that there wasn’t, I was lying ofc.

Im gonna skip to the end now, Jess and her gf and friend went on their own home and I went to get the bus with Clown, her gf and some random ass friend of theirs we found along the way. I took the bus, and then sent a message explaining how i felt uncomfortable, but it was partly my fault for not being open enough. But there were a lot of things that took me by surprise. All I hope now is that they don’t get mad, as I do think that they are nice people and making me feel like that weren’t their intentions. I even hugged them, that is something I don’t remember doing with anyone but my parents in recent years. That felt nice, but I think they should be a bit more self-aware, you know?

Edit: People aren’t believing me, this is [r/teenagers]( after all, everyone lies here. But I really wrote this to vent and write my thoughts down. And if I could make up some shit like this, I’d be writing fanfics, not madghosts posts.

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