Found this in a discord (how much I love boobs)

Every time I think about boobs, I can’t help but feel their texture in my hand. I can’t help but think about how they’d look naked, I can’t think straight and my whole being is focused on boobs. My whole existence is a loveletter to boobs, wether they’re average, small, big or gigantic, I love boobs, they look amazing, I love all types of boobs. If I could have my face buried in boobs all day, I’d do it. If my destiny was to choke between boobs, I’d accept it. If I’d have to choose between touching boobs and keeping my computer, I’d chose the boobs. Hell, I’d pick boobs over everything. I absolutely love boobs and I become nuts when I see boobs. I’m a danger to women, every time I see a girl with boobs in the street I can’t help but watch and fall in love. It’s to the point where if I see something a bit round I think about boobs. The other day I was eating mozzarella and when I put my fork on it it felt the same as boobs and I got the biggest boner of my life. I love boobs so much. Boobs is my entire character trait. I’d give my life to touch some boobs.

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