found this in the Geometry Dash submadghosts

holy fucking shit. if i see ONE more dv saws meme i’m going to chop my fucking balls off. holy shit it is actually impressive how incredibly unfunny the entire sub is. it’s not that complicated, REPEATING THE SAME FUCKING JOKE OVER AND OVER AGAIN DOES NOT MAKE IT FUNNIER. this stupid fucking meme has been milked to fucking death IT’S NOT FUNNIER THE 973RD TIME YOU MAKE THE EXACT SAME FUCKING JOKE. WHAT’S EVEN THE JOKE?????? IT’S JUST “haha it’s the saws from that one level that one guy hacked” STOP. and the WORST part is that the saws were actually funny for like a few years and it got fucking ruined in like a week because EVERYONE POSTED THE EXACT SAME FUCKING JOKE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. SEEING ALL YOUR SHITTY MEMES IS ACTUAL FUCKING MENTAL TORTURE YOU ALL ARE NOT FUNNY. COME UP WITH A DIFFERENT FUCKING JOKE PLEASE

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