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lol. You don’t mean that. And you don’t want to mean that.

Lemme tell ya: not even on my worst day on planet Earth could anyone ever wrongfully convict me (convict ME) and send me to prison for anything. Ever. The second that ever happens: my classmates, my birth city, my hometown will come and wreck shop. My coworkers past and present will riot for me. All this non-stop until I am freed. All my past and present neighbors will come. I’m absolutely the wrong cat to wrongfully convict. My entire family will bring holy hell and it will not be for the TV cameras. I am beloved. And I’m the very last graduating class of the old-school good guys (with honors) despite how you may feel about me through posts. Meet me in real life, you’ll agree. Yo, wrongfully convict me and you’ll see people I know whose house pets will wreak havoc just for me. Yes, people I know house pets love me too and I didn’t grow up with animals lol. Same goes for any policeman accidentally shooting me in the streets, my hometown will burn without mercy. And I don’t say this to be kidding. In infinite lifetimes and infinite galaxies, I will not be wrongfully convicted (convicted!). Not for 22 years. I will not be wrongfully convicted for 22 seconds. World wouldn’t make it to second 23 if I was ever wrongfully convicted of any t-h-i-n-g.

So, for real, I’m telling you as a friend, you don’t mean that.

Just chalk it up to me being upset because I still feel Adnan’s responsible and keep it moving, my friend.


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