Freddy fazbear and the gang are all furries, my life is completely ruined and i no longer want to live in this world of pure agony and suffering.

My life is ruined.

My whole life i’ve been a fan of freddy fazbear and friends,but in my time working as a maintenance staff ive come to a realization… they are all furries.

The animatronics and n animatronics are all wearing fursuits, they are endoskeletons wearing an suit resembling an animal fnaf 1 ( Five night’s at freddys ) animatronics are obviously wearing a fursuit, Fnaf 3 and 4 animatronics are clearly an illusion so i dont see why they woundn’t have fur, fnaf sl animatronics use the illusion discs so i also dont see why they woudnd’t have fur, springtrap/scraptrap is an older model which was produced arround the time the withered and fredbear were produced so he also has fur, glitchtrap and vanny are obviously people wearing fursuits.

I hate furries. They’ve raped and killed my wife, and proceeded to also rape our 2 years old daughter, killing her after cumming on her so much that she started inflating until she exploded, then they decided to do the same to my wife, then they’ve fucked the guts of my family, even the animals were not spared, by the end of it, it looked like a mess of flesh and cum, everywhere, they did this from 0 am to 6 am, when they finished to fuck basically everything they’ve all put the guts and cum into fursuits in an attempt to “put them back togheter”.

The worst part of it is that i’ve witnessed the act with my own eyes while one of them was fucking me, their movement seemed… a bit robotic, their dicks and balls also were too hard to be organic.

I was being filled with cum so much to the point ive started inflating and i thought i was gonna die but when the clock hit 6 am they’ve all just stopped everything and left, it took me a while to de-inflate myself, i just shat, pissed and vomit all the cum out in order to de-inflate; it took me about a decade to recover mentally and physically from the whole incident.

I’ve aways been a fan of freddy and the gang since i was a child, i aways went to freddys fazbear pizza place when i could, i thought they were real animals with human characteristics but as it turns out theyre not.

In my time working as a maintenance staff i discovered they were animatronics, i just accepted that they’ve never been real animals and they’ve aways been robots operating in stage to look like they’re animals with human characteristics, my childhood has been destroyed for money, but i did not care too much until i had to do maintenance on one of the freddy models.

He had robotic male genitals, they use high frequency sounds in order to trick the brain into thinking they’re not there so that freddy and the gang can perform on stage without appearing to have their dicks out, i’ve also discovered that chica is a futa (she has an dick and an vagina), i had to switch their metal cocks and balls every day, they all use 11 inch cocks and above.

And then i have been promoted so that i could do maintenance checks on their endoskeletons, turns out theyre all skeletons with dicks and shit wearing an animal suit… furries.

My life is ruined, ill never see freddy fazbear and the gang the same way again, i cant believe this is true, i might commit suicide next morning.

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