From a Phillies fan to a Mets fan on an r/baseball thread about the Phillies’ struggles.

That’s fine. I want you guys to win 100+ games. I want DeGrom to come back and pitch so well in the second half that he STILL wins the CYA. CGSO every single start (NO perfectos or no-no’s, because that would make you *too* happy). I want you to go into the playoffs winning the last 25 games of the season (one short of the MLB record, mind you). Enjoy that first round bye, eat lots of popcorn and watch some good first round baseball. And then the Cardinals (I pick them because they ruin everyone’s fucking postseason) come to town and sweep you in historic fashion. Like EVERY SINGLE GAME looks like 2019 Game 5 Cards/Braves. You have to sit through 8 1/2 innings every day down by 10 runs. And then it’s over, and my spirit can finally leave my rotten corpse in the greatest release of schadenfreude of all time.

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