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Lil pump’s “Gucci Gang” is an incredibly nuanced piece. The words “Gucci gang” are repeated exactly 53 times. 53 is a prime number. The sum of the first 53 prime numbers is 5830, which is divisible by 53. Very few numbers can boast this attribute. This is lil pump secretly showing he is actually a mathematical genius. 53 in hexadecimal is 35, which is 53 reversed. This property is only existent in multiples of 53. This shows his proficiency in computer science. 53 is also an Eisenstein prime, a subtle nod to the great scientist that lil pump is no doubt a prodigy of. While The words “f**k my teacher and call it tutoring” may be taken at face value, he actually means that he is f***ing his teacher with his mind, actually tutoring his teacher. Lil pump brings a tiger in his music video, he is showing how he is also a master of animal husbandry, and the tiger would never dare to attack a genius such as lil pump, instinctively knowing he is the future of humanity. Even his hair, which is in strings, actually shows his powerful physics knowledge, no doubt referencing string theory. How ever, the song also has darker connotations. When you take the number of dead in ww1, divided by 53, you get precisely 666,666.666 repeating. This can be explained by two theories. One, lil pump is a German monarchist satanist. Two, lil pump is comparing the German monarchist and by extension, Wilhelmin II to satanists; making a bold push back to the rise of neonazism, monarchism and white supremacy as a white man. Or perhaps lil pump is trying to confuse his audience, hiding the true meaning of his song. The word will never know. I have applied for super computing time at the SDSC to feed in this masterpiece of a song into the computer, knowing that the AI will become sentient from it after only one pass. I have not gotten a response back from them. EDIT: SDSC ignored me

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  1. Gucci gang is an extremely nuanced song of the lil. The word “gucciego gang” is repeated exactly 53 times. It is 53. The first 53 numbers are divided into 53. This is a lil pump that is actually a mathematical genius. 53 in the nineteenth century, which is reversed. The property is only in 53. 53 is also the main asenstein, not a subtle for the great scientist that the pumps of the lila are not doubtful about the prodigy. why the word “f***\*\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The lil pump gives a tiger in his video, shows how he is as well as a master of animals, and tigers would not attempt to attack genius like a lil, instynktown know that it is the future of humanity. His hair, which are in strings, actually reflects his powerful physical knowledge, has no doubt on the string theory. Like the song, the song is also darker. If you have to belong to the number of dead in 1 sex, it is divided by 53, it is found exactly 666,666. This can be explained by two theories. It is one of the most important monarchs of the German monarchy. The two pumps are compared to the German monarchy and by the expansion, the helminthians to the satanists to strengthen the neonazism, monarchy and white supremacy. That can be heard by the lil pump is a sample of his audience, a hidden meaning of his song. We don’t know the words. He applied to a supercomputer time in the sdsc to feed on the song in the computer, knowing that the ai would be a scientist who would be one of his own. She did not receive answers. editation: sdscignor me.

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