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My math teacher

I hate my math teacher she is a jerk she also looks like Frankenstein with her box shaped head and her having barely any hair she legit had everyone else talking in the classroom and guess what me and my boyfriend decide to talk to and during my sentence she cuts me off saying lets start working again and I told him I will say after class i guess Frankenstein had an world war 2 flash back and scream “stop flirting you all can do that after class no one wants to see it” and the next day (today) she moved him across the room and did a random name picker for fucking partners and guess who i got my bf but Minecraft head didn’t like that either so i was forced with a boy I kinda know and i worked harder in math so the creeper would stop looking over my shoulder and told me ‘wow you get stuff done without him very well i guess this break is going well” like bitch stfu no one asked u Frankenstein wanna be


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