From the dark corners of the internet.

I worked in a morgue for a little while so I have some idea what I’m talking about.

If you’re going to do it, you do it soon. The prettiest ones actually come from the car accidents, though it can be a major case of butter face.

But we actually kept some lube and or disinfectant around, so all you had to do was stick it in and go.

I was once getting a pretty little corpses ready for a funeral and just couldn’t resist.

I pulled down her panties and pushed in. She had ODed so she was in good shape and not too dry.

I plowed her like there was no tomorrow, going inside her several times.

On the third time I heard the door open. The drivers were here to pick up the body, they would be here in seconds.

I quickly opened her mouth, shoved my phallus as far down as possible and released into her mouth and throat. I righted myself in time for them to take the body.

They had an open casket funeral. It still gets me hard thinking that her family was saying good bye. And the whole time, my semen was in her mouth.

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