From the Escape From Tarkov submadghosts (Be warned, shitting)

Bathroom breaks are an option, not a necessity I guess?

Was playing recently and a guy in my group was talking about needing to take a shit. We told him to just go while the game was loading, but he decided to go once we loaded in so he could chill in a bush while we waited.

We spawned at giving tree and this man finds a red keycard on the ground, and starts freaking out. We’re all happy for him, it’s his first and he wants to extract asap. I ask if he wants to find a more secure location to sit at instead of in a random bush, so we can secure the perimeter while he takes the browns to the superbowl. He laughed and said he wasn’t risking it.

He shit himself. He straight up said he didn’t want to risk dying while in the bathroom so he physically shit his own pants in order to keep playing so he could extract…. A grown fucking man unloaded his bowels directly to his boxer shorts and let that shit marinate for a whole 15 minutes until we extracted, at which point he cleaned up, changed his boxers, and returned to tell us of his tale.

All that for a few pixels in a video game. What the fuck is wrong with people?

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