I told my parents that i would not go to church with them and then they kept fucking pulling me and slapping me but i still said no. They went and blamed videogames, fucking video games as the cause of my atheist beliefs (which wasnt, they told me since i was young that i should go watch science and educational videos on youtube, that made me atheist).

And then my dad tried to fucking DESTROY my PC that I BUILT AND PAID FOR. It costs around $500. Good thing that I know how to fix it and i had some spare parts lying around, only thing broken was 2 fans and jumbled connections inside. He then hides my phone and the display port cable. I borrowed the hdmi on my brothers ps4 so I can use my pc for a bit and use googles “find my phone” search to ring my phone. I found my phone but i still havent found my dp cable so im stuck here with an hdmi.

I have good grades in school as well, all of my grades are above 95% except math which is 93% so they have no right to blame video games and destroy my pc.

Ok sorry about this rant guys i just want to vent somewhere because fuck them


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