fuck you New Game Plus#9999 i made this a copypasta

wtf are you even talking about madeline and theo never got married you are dumb stop fanficing this isnt cannon you obsessed celeste superfan you should get a life and do cool stuff and get an actual relation ship instead of just crating ones with fictional characters what would you do if madeline got erased from realty what would you do you need to get a real life gf and then stop being so obsessed with madeline from celeste you probably have over 10000 hours playtime on celeste so stop being so madeline obsessed and go outside and take a breath of polluted air from all the electricity you are using to write madeline fanfic and play celeste and you should plant a tree to save the world from youre crazy obsession with madeline from celeste if this continues any longer the police will have to get involved and take a bat to your computer from smash it as well as all other technology you have because you need to be stopped from making fanfic about madeline from celeste you are obsessed with this madeline obession of yours

#fuck #Game #Plus9999 #copypasta

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