Gasoline story, but I replaced the word “gasoline” with “cum”

my dads friend was taking care of us while my dad was gone

so when we went to get cum, I was like “I wanna pump it”

so I put it in the hole

idk what happened, but it started spraying all over me, and I began to freak out

then my eyes started to burn

cause I got cum in my eyes

then I got it in my mouth and all over me

we had to run into the Walmart bathroom and I was crying while rinsing my eyes out

then i rinsed my mouth out

and then we went home and I passed out

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  1. My friend, my father was careful when my father left.

    So if we get the best, “I want to pump”

    So I put it in the hole.

    What happened to Idk, but death came to me and started.

    Then my eyes started to warm up.

    Because I have cum in my eyes

    Then I found it in my mouth and everything was at the top.

    We had to run for Walmart and cry we mourn.

    Then I took my mouth.

    Then we went home and went.

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