Getting rid of my piss bottles

My plan to get rid of my piss bottles.

Hey guys, me again.

As you may know, I had a pretty large piss bottle collection and now must get rid of them. I’ve devised a plan to do so under the nose of my parents (whom I still live with), so hear me out.

I’ve put them into a recycling bag, but the bag in a box, put more cardboard in the box to cover it, and taped up the box. I’ve hidden that in a room just off my closet, but I have a more long term idea.

Basically, I’ll go find a dumpster. Doesn’t matter where, as long as it’s unlocked. Then, I put the box in a bag, bring the bag to the dumpster, and toss it in. If anyone has any other ideas, I’d be happy to hear them

Edit: okay, as it turns out, the dumpster thing is a crime. HOWEVER. After christmas, my city puts out communal dumpsters for people to use as they please. How about that?

Edit 2: alright, two comments have given me the idea for my final plan, this is it.

1. I dump out the bottles in my shower

2. I bring the empty bottles to a public trash can (likely in a park) and dump them

Edit 3: guys, this isn’t fucking bait or a troll account or whatever, I’m serious about this. I have provided MORE THAN ENOUGH [proof]( to back up my claims. I’m currently on a trip, but when I get home, I can provide timestamps. Seriously, reverse image search that image. Wanna know what you’ll find? NOTHING. I AM DEAD SERIOUS.

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