god asked me if I wanted to beta test meth 2 and I said yes | S1 EP1: new home

Peppa pig and her family arrive to their new home in Florida after their old house was shelled to oblivion by the Austro-Hungarians during ww1 .the arrive to their new house and their new neighbors immediately introduce themselves , Samuel Rodriguez and Light Yagami. After Peppa and her family unload their 13 kilograms of crystal meth into their house , they start exploring to get familiar to their family . whey are also packing 20 pounds of explosives incase someone breathes slightly wrong because why not. while they are strolling through the park , george pig finds some bugs that he can brutally torture and kill, so he keeps them in his cum sock for safe keeping. after that daddy pig then procedes to shoot-up a local school but its okay because he was wearing a mask . while they are exploring they also meet the state senator , quadingle dingle. Daddy pig and quadingle dingle have a nice conversation about the social economics of the state , conversation highlights:

(DP = daddy pig) (QD = quadingle dingle)

DP: so how is the wildlife doin’

QD: eh fine

DP: and the murder hornets?

QD: eh they are cool they can stay.


DP: ya got any crystal meth

QD: yeah they are in the sex chamber but William Afton has probably smoked them all

DP: who the actual fuck is William Afton

WW: William Afton… balls


after having a long talk about pootis man’s pronouns , quadingle dingle and daddy pig procede to resurrect the school daddy pig shot up. after a long day Peppa and her family come back to their house and smoke some crystal meth , whilst smoking some crystal meth , mommy pig recites a 3 paragraph long plan about how to assassinate the president

end of episode 1

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