Goku gets sexual with Deku

*Goku gets sexual with Deku and gets him pregnant and Deku rubs his swollen warm tummy*

Deku: *”G-Goku-San, I can feel our baby kicking my tummy and it hurts!~”*

Goku: *”Huh? What does that mean, is that a type of food cause I’m hungry babe! Hehehe!*

*9 months of making out later*

Deku: “G-Goku-San.. I-I think its time..”

Goku: “Huh? Is dinner ready or something?”

Deku: “NO! its our baby..!”

Goku: “Our baby? Is that a name for some sort of food? What a weird name..”

Deku: “NO! IT’S TIME! Take me to the hospital! I feel it kicking!”

Goku: “O-OH I see we need to hurry I guess!”

*One hour later*

Deku: “It’s a boy!”

Goku: “You did great!”

Deku: “He’s beautiful~”

Goku: “Can I hold him?”

Deku: “But you’ll have to be careful babe.”

Goku: “Danggit I’m never careful..” *sigh*

Deku: *Brings baby up to face and presses cheek against his own gently cradling it in his arms* “What should we name it?”

Goku: “Hmmmmmmm.. how about we combine our names and make….hmm.. De from Deku + ku from Goku!”

Deku: “Our names have the same endings, it’s basically the same no matter how we put it silly!” *giggles*

Goku: “Oh right!” *laughs a hearty laugh* “How about…… Godeku?”

Deku: “That’s perfect, It’s like you’re saying Go Deku and cheering him on! My cute little baby boy~”

Goku: *Looks at baby lovingly with care in his eyes* No……. *our* cute little baby boy!~”

Deku: *Notices Goku’s handsome face look at the baby with such caring eyes, blushes a bit and gives warm cute smile*

Goku: *Looks at Deku’s adorable face and smiles*

*They both lean in for a kiss with heat*

*Goku blushes while swirling his tongue around Deku’s and slightly moan in each other’s mouths*

Deku: *”N-nggh..~ mmph..~”*

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