got caught sucking dick in public and then was given meth out of pity, I don’t even do meth.

The evening of this fateful event started out normal, it was a pretty hot day for the area me (f 18) and my friend (m 20) are from. My friend and I had plans to “hangout” after he got off work which pretty much just entailed me sucking his cock and enjoying every second of it. To do this deed we were feeling rather risky and decided to go to a local abandoned house.

The abandoned house in question was one of 4 structures on a large property down a trail from a grocery store. We pulled into the grocery store parking lot, I squinted my eyes and scanned the area for any little ehwhores could possibly interrupt our plans. Luckily we didn’t have any competition. (that we knew of). Little did either of us know we were about to encounter a whole new kind of threat. We headed down the hill and to the trail, the trail was empty and we didn’t see or hear anyone when we approached the house. To understand this place you need a little bit of background information. First of all I have known about this place for a couple months and have sucked plenty of dick here. I have officially dubbed this place “my baby boss lair because the semen flows freely. On the property there are 4 different structures; the first is a small boarded up house which no one really goes to because it doesn’t have much besides a fridge with decayed food and a beer can strewn floor. The second, the “Basement house aka dick sucking central” was where we normally went. It was once a beautiful house but had been destroyed by kids going there and breaking shit. The front room was partially boarded up over a giant smashed window which was the entrance that anyone who went in used. The floor being covered in glass made super loud crunching noises which acted as an alarm system for my acute superhuman ears. The 3rd was a carport and the 4th was an old barn that had a half pipe in it which is where the younger kids would go to skate and scooter. We enter the Basement house and listen to make sure we are alone, after only hearing silence we proceed to look around just to make sure no cucks were lurking in the shadows. The room we went into was the only one with a door and lock that hadn’t been completely destroyed. The only thing in this room was a large table at the center which was the perfect height to get maximum sucakge. Me and my friend start doing our thing and before you know it his cock is in my mouth and I’m absolutely devouring it. Drooling everywhere and kneeling on what was most definitely shards of glass but I gave no fucks. I was in the dick sucking zone. A quick note about my male companion before we continue is that he has a history with meth but luckily he has been sober for three years.

As I continue and things heat up I hear footsteps.

They are quiet but the obvious sound of broken glass underfoot was quite apparent. That didn’t stop me though and he didn’t seem to be concerned and we both just chalked up to a kid on their way to the barn doing a little exploring. The footsteps came closer until they stopped right outside the door, the door handle twisted but luckily the lock didn’t give in. Thinking we were in the clear I went back to the task in front of me until the door flew upon. My friend shoved his dick as far down my gullet as he could so our unwelcome guests wouldn’t become jealous at his literal horse cock. I did not look up and the two men who had just stumbled into the crack whore lair started cackling and didn’t even close the door before walking down the hall. My friend got up and closed the door and I started laughing until he told me they looked like they were at least 50. We were hoping that they would leave and we could go somewhere else. But instead the footsteps approach the door and then we hear a knock. “Put your hand out” I looked at my friend in confusion thinking maybe they were going to give us a spare condom but instead I tentatively reached my hand out the cracked door and received a handful of meth. I quickly threw it on the ground and washed my hand of the filth with water from my pink sippy cup. We left after that, never to return.

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