Got this off of a sarcasm comment in r/iamverysmart

I have an iq of 210 (I know, I’m a rare breed, some might even say I’m smarter then Einstein) and this is categorically wrong
I know a lot of astrophysics (from a mix of reading high level theories, Rick and Morty, and my own hypothesiss) and when I had to take those pesky humanities class at my prestigious university (don’t ask which one, you know ;)) my English professors were wowed by how much I understood the language. When we read infinite jest (mere child’s play to a once in a generation mind like mine) and the prof was going on and on about symbolism saying shit about how the blue curtains mean that the dude is sad but then I spoke up (without raising my hand because the class respects my intelligence so much) and said “no it doesn’t, David foster Wallace said that because they damn curtains were blue”‘ and the class went silent like you could hear a pin drop and everyone was covering their mouth and laughing so the professor couldn’t see how much of a fool he made of himself engaging in a battle of wits with a mind like mine…
Needless to say no one talked to me for the rest of the year out of fear of my imence intellect

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