Government sponsored vaccination of ww1 troops caused the spanish flu btw.

Alister Crowley was a degenerate. A talented one, but still a degenerate. Which means a retard in case you dont know. An apple tree that has great apples yet one thsts not quite right, well that one dodgy apple is Alister Crowley and the human population is all the other good apples. Except im not saying everyones a good apple. Theres many other degenerates out there. You have to view people like this apple tree example, or like cars coming out of a toyota factory. Sometimes dodgy ones come out wired incorrectly. Well Crowley was certainly a defective product.
He was sexually not right, also had drug addictions and anger problems. These things usually come in groups together. Very normal for earth people, a population subjected to many attacks thus tons of degenerates. He was a sex addict, drug addict and he slept with men. A faulty reproductive system if you ask the engineer of man that is god.
Now he was into magick and spiritual stuff and philosophy. Deep stuff you know. Well with this complex stuff theres no way im going to take advice from a degenerate. You have to be careful of these types. His ‘do what thou wilt’ law doesnt make sense. As long as your alive you can never do what thou wilt. Theres obligations, responsibilities, you have to brush your teeth!
Its actually the philosophy of the criminal. They see something they want, they steal it. They feel like some drugs, they take it. This way of life destroys them. Very unhealthy, and it wrecked crowley and hubbard who was a follower of him. Very unnatural.
The reason crowley was obsessed with it was coz he was born into a super strict christian family. He never got over it. He wanted to do all these degenerate things like what ive mentioned above. He was not allowed, so he became a rebel for life and he totally hated christianity. He became a lucifer worshipper. Well look where it got him. And hubbard had a hard life too because he was a degenerate who worshiped lucifer too which made is life hard. They make life hard on themselves by not living naturally. not living in line with god. None of them are doing what they wilt. They are doing what the drug the are addicted to says to do. Or whatever addiction they have. And that demand is to keep getting more.
Hubard was addicted to nicotine, cafeine, alcohol, food(old fat man-photos hidden), and likely drugs. You cant trust what he says either. these are bad apples. Bad trees, that make bad fruit is another example. Although they do make some awesome apples sometimes, so i reccomend looking into these areas but be careful. Crowly for example called out the scam of mainstream doctors in the 20s n said they give you vaccines that are no good and are not needed. A lot of criminals are quite awake because they are aware of scams because they do them themselves!
Government sponsored vaccination of ww1 troops caused the spanish flu btw.

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