Great video as always pewdiepie

great video as always pewdiepie , im your biggest fan, your videos are the only reason whyi havent killed myself, i have been very depressed and miserable my entire life because grils wont ever give me a chance, they always reject me for douchebags, they only wanna use us nice guys, so thats why im writing this as im crying myself to bed because i just wanted to let you know that you cant quit videos or else ill have nothing to live for, thanks once again jontron <3

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  1. The great movies, as always surely, we’ve got their greatest fan, your movies are the only reason for which we are killed, and they were very depresed and resatured all the life, because they will never give the chances, always reject me for the pas, use the nice guys as why you feel to live as if you want to live.

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