Great Wholesome Copypasta

imagine dozens of cockroaches crawling into your dickhole. the feeling of thousands of tiny legs marching across your penis flesh as they travel into your balls and bladder. it hurts, so, so much. you arch your back from the discomfort, but deep down you love it. you love the fact you are at the mercy of these bugs that don’t even know how much they are ruining you. you stifle a moan by biting your lower lip as your uretha stretches to it’s limit, ready to break open at any moment. you want it so bad; it’s already enough that they are beginning to explore your insides, and you can feel where every one of them is and what they are doing with insatiable pleasure. the vibration they give off from their crawling and wriggling is practically driving you mad with shameful lust, and you feel yourself reaching your climax. you are full on panting now, and you get the hardest you’ve ever been. eventually all the stimulation becomes too strong, and you cum bucketloads onto the ground, practically roaring from the sensation. the cockroaches were crushed from the sudden force, and one by one they come back out, guts, skin and all. by the time you are done, there is a puddle on the floor of white liquid and broken, mangled cockroach parts.

you are banned from that taco bell the very next day.

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