It was 6 p.m., I could hear the wind howling outside from the comfort of my gaming chair. I decided to fire up Grand Theft Auto 5 for yet another time. I joined a race. Not just any race, a wacky stunt race. Blazing fast turns in a track floating in the air above the city of Los Santos. I was facing insurmountable odds: a level 1500 player had just joined the server. All the other players were frozen in fear and were taken aback at the sight of his flamboyant pink car, which would lead us to otherworldly pain, plunging us into his reign of despair. The race started: cars were jolting everywhere at the speed of light and I miraculously managed to avoid thrashing my car. I somehow slogged behind him until the last ramp. Our cars were flitting in the tense air, when a third player melt our hopes and dreams away by teleporting himself to the finish.


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