Gunfire on New Years Eve

Guns fired into the air on New Year’s Eve. What goes up, must come down. To whoever fired their gun into the air in the vicinity of Simpson or Betty Jo Drive, your round came down and shattered the back window of a vehicle in my driveway, with a bullet lodging in the headrest. If you had aimed an inch to the right, looking at the trajectory, it would have entered a bedroom window. If you had pointed it a couple inches to the left it could have killed one of two pets in a neighbors yard. This is the city, not a farm. Lets not allow this in our neighborhood. If you know who was firing weapons please post them or let me know. If you can prevent this occurring please do.

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  1. Gun fired overnight air. What is happening and must be lowered. The fire of guns in the Simpson area and Vetijo Drive was a scent that rounded the back window of the driveway vehicle and deposited into the headrest. If you focus on the right inch, look at the trajectory and enter the bedroom window. When it is said to be a few inches on the left, two pets were killed in the庭acent garden. This is not a farm. Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese. If you know who the weapon has taken, post them or let me know. I will do my best.

  2. Gun came into the air in the wake of the new year. What’s going on? those who came to the simpson or betty round who pulled their gun in the air around the car and broke the previous window of a vehicle in my alley. If you had a one-inch goal on the right, looking at the path, it will enter a room window. He could kill one of the two animals in a nearby yard if you left him. It’s the city, not the farm. It doesn’t allow our neighborhood. If you know who was shooting weapons, send them or tell me. If you can stop this event.

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