allow me to explain. so there is this woman from Messenger, as i woke up
to a bunch of DMs. we chatted for a bit, and then she asked to see me
on cam. so i did, and things got steamy. being the teen i am, the
hormones was raging in me. a few moments later, she showed me a
recording of me masturbating (i was playing along, and i was pressured
to). now, shes wanting 2500$ and i dont have that money, and she says if
i dont give her the money, shell post it on my fb and i think my
reputation is gonna be ruined. what do i do?

edit: i reported her to my local police and the state troopers. i am now
filing a statement and i am still keeping in touch with her in fears of
the leak i encourage you guys to NEVER open up unknown people in your
DMs, and if things get fishy, BLOCK THEM. edit 2: ok the state troopers
called, and they said to call Petersburg police since we’re both in
alaska, im going to give them a call. wish me luck!



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