Guys…I got griefed…again…

I was running around San Denis tipping my hat to all the npcs when I thought I’d go to the local gun shop and browse their wares. Little did I know my entire day was about to be ruined. Just as I was walking up, another player rides past me and blocked the way with his horse. I froze, my blood ran cold and I began to sweat, then the monster did the “point and laugh” emote. This was too much, I hard shut off my computer and ran to my bathroom to throw up. How could someone do this to me? Is there no justice? Does R* EVEN CARE? I got back on later and reported the fiend no less than 15 times. This has to end, I shouldn’t be endlessly harassed by griefers. R* needs to take a good hard look at themselves and ask “am I really proud of what I’ve become?”. Your upvotes are welcomed, but not necessary #savereddeadonline

#GuysI #griefedagain

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