had a dream today where Morbius and I had a therapy session of sorts (r/Morbius)

I am not sure if this is the correct submadghosts but I really want to talk about this dream. My school had sent me on a mission to take a few photos of morbius for the school magazine or something. I ( being the morbhead that I am volunteered immediately ). My mom dropped me off at morbius’s house but by the time we got there it was nighttime . I do not remember much details about the morb mansion but it sure as hell was cool . Morbius himself was chilling on a foldable chair next to the morbius pool . I took a few photos with him and had a bit of an interview where I asked him about his morbing abilities and how it feels to morb out and stuff. After this was done he wanted me to chillax with him so I did . that part is a bit fuzzy but I do remember venting some stuff out to morbius like how I was insecure about myself and that I was having trouble finishing projects I’m supposed to do and morbius was very supportive and it was quite honestly the most cathartic vent I have ever had . He told me to ” not be shamed of how I look since all morbheads are beautiful on the inside ” and to ” just chill out and morb ” . At the end he gave me a fistbump and told me ” to keep morbin’ on buddy ” and then I woke up with the best sleep of my life . I thought about it for quite some time now and I do think this dream has changed my outlook on life . pretty cool shit yo ( If I made a few mistakes I apologize since I do not post things on madghosts that much )

TL;DR – Dr Micheal Morbius gives me free therapy

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