haha, I get it.

Haha 6.9 get it like 69 like the sex number from the internet haha get it because 6 looks like a head and dick and the 9 look like a head and vagy haha funny number. OH. OH a corporate account said that?!?? HAHAHA I’m rofl rn so funny I’m dying dead rn broooo I can’t believe slim Jim said that on tik tok WOW 69 69 hahaha wowee guys… guys… do you— think they’ll say… *chuckles* …wait for it… 420?!????!!? The funny WEED number?? Hahahhaha that would be HILARIOUS! Maybe they could do it all subtle-like, maybe like 4.20 get it just like the original joke where they gave a rating out of 10. Er, Um wait in that case 4.20 can simplify to 4.2 so that wouldn’t work. Derp. Maybe they could do something REALLY funny like…. Hmm… 4.2069 GET IT??!! Do you FUCKING GET IT??!! IT HAS 420 AND 69 IN IT!! HOLY SHIT SLIM JUM 69 420 SEX NUMBER WEED NUMBER SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY SEX 69 SIX NINE


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