Hard to maintain streak while mom is an addict… (from r/nofap)

Hard to maintain streak while mom is an addict…

Hi Everyone, I’m here seeking advice. My mom moved in with her partner (another woman) a few months ago, they are both single moms by choice and I was glad that they found each other and finally settle down with the person they love. They are both in their late 30s and her partner’s son is around the same age as myself.

We live in a two bedroom apartment (in Singapore), the flats here have thin walls so unsurprisingly I can hear things at night sometimes. I can clearly hear them kiss for hours every night, and sometimes even all night until the morning. It’s been like this for the past nine months and it seems like they are escalating out of control. This past weekend they kissed all night and didn’t stop until noon the next day.

I know this shouldn’t affect my nofap goals but for some reason it is really bugging me. While I’m trying to live a nofap lifestyle, they are creating an environment that is very unhelpful. Should I ask them to change or should I just move out.

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