Heater for your thighs

One time in 1993 there was a blizzard that swept across the east coast. We were out of school for at least 3 weeks, this was around the time I discovered masturbation. Anyway, I was stuck inside for 3 weeks and my bedroom door didn’t lock so I couldn’t risk it and I didn’t even think about doing it in the shower anymore as I knew I couldn’t handle that kind of guilt again.

One day, I got an overwhelming urge and decided to layer up and head out in to the wild because I was going insane. I reached the woods behind my house and slid down into a ditch. I already knew what I was about to do and couldn’t believe I was actually going through with it. I started making the shape of a woman out of snow on the ground. I gave her some nice curves and some boobs.

Well, this was it. My big chance, the moment I was preparing for. I unzipped and got busy. It only took about 30 seconds and that was it. I stood up , zipped my pants and brushed her away as if it never happened. I walked back home and went into my room and just listened to counting crows or something like I didn’t just have sex with a snowman.

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