heisenberg doesnt need autotune

I don’t know what you think I’ve done
But if we were to battle, I’ve already won
Ask Gus, you don’t wanna face off against me
I’ll stuff you in a barrel and make a dude smoothie (huaugh!)
Your sense of duty gets your group into some deep doody
Always getting saved by some samurai booty
I’m a kingpin, cookin’ crystal in the middle of the day
Having dinner by the pool with the DEA
Run you over with my Aztek; GTA
If you ever try to stop Heisenberg gettin’ paid
Here’s a hot dose, let me watch you choke on the truth
You look up to me like I’m a pizza on the roof
‘Cause you’re a loser, a failure to your whole entire crew
I’ve seen Walter Jr. handle walkers better than you

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