HELP! Everybody thinks I’m a homosexual because I own a lot of clocks

I don’t know why but ever since I was a child I got a certain comfort from clocks. I just loved it when it struck a satisfying time. I should disclose before going further that I’m not gay despite this behaviour. Just socially anxious. I repeat, I’m not gay. I just loved it when it struck a time such as 12:00. It’s majestic is it not? The way the numbers line up so wonderfully.

Here is a list of my other favourite times shown on dlicks – I mean clocks. Sorry, don’t know why that’s been happening so much recently. Anyway, my favourite times consist of: 12:00, 12:34, 12:48, 3, 13:69, 5:55, 8:=D and 2:48.

I love these times so much, but the problem is that they don’t always show those times. Clearly, now that I recently purchased my first house, there is a solution to this problem. Now before we continue, I’d like to reiterate, I’m not gay. Despite what my therapist says. I’m not okay? Anyway, I began my solution to the problem, and began filling my house with plenises. Fuck. Why does this keep happening? I began filling my house with clocks.

At first it was just 1, but I wanted more. I realised that they were all showing different times, however so after my 4th flallac- CLOCK, I began to set them to different times. Now I have around a 24/1440 chance of seeing a good time. It’s not enough. The pure pleasure I feel when the numbers line up on the clock… it’s immeasurable.

I’ve been told this is unhealthy, However. I don’t see why. Doesn’t everyone feel a titillating sensation when they see a mlember pointing firmly upward at 12:00? Well… apparently not, because I’ve been seeing a therapist recently, who insists it’s due to repressed gay feelings. Frankly, I don’t see it. An obsession with mlale glenitalia-fuck-i mean clocks- has nothing to do with repressed gay feelings right?

Anyway, who cares is it does because right now, I have over 100 clocks and the pleasure I feel when I see the throbbing, dripping, 8-inch, monster clocks erect at 12:00 is worth it. Am I right? I’m not sure whether my behaviour is normal, but I’m not a homosexual, so how to I get people to stop calling me that?

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What do you think?

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  1. I don’t know why, but I felt comfortable with the clock I love when they attack a fun moment. I have to reveal it before continuing without gay. I just remember the community, I am no longer gay, I like it when he attacks. 12:00. Is it worth it? How to understand the figures

    It’s my favorite for a while in the index, I mean the clock. I’m sorry, I don’t know why. My favorite time: 12:00, 12:34, 12:48, 3, 13:69, 5:65, 8: = D to. 2:48

    I love these times, but the problem is that they do not show these times. Of course, I bought my first house, which is the solution to this problem. Now that I go, I want to repeat myself, not gay. Even if you said that my care was not good? However, I started solving my problem and I started a metal house. Sex. Why does the next thing happen? I started filling out the clock at home.

    At first, it was just one, but I like it. I know everyone has different moments. However, after 4 Fald employees, they started at different times. Now I have a 24/440 in the near future in the near future. The innocent happiness that I felt when the figures appeared to the clock … not measured.

    I said it was not good for health. I do not understand why you feel so hot after 12 noon or do not look like a tight mom. Well … It is not clear because I recently reinforced the therapist that I have not seen you with Mlale Kallaia-Fock because of the oppressive feelings of Gay Kallaia-Fock, even if I should join a gay Gay?

    But as I now have more than 100 bells and good luck, I heard when I saw 8 -inch shooting games, the clock started. I don’t know if my behavior is normal. But I’m not gay so that I can stop playing for others.

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