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Hey, guys. Uh, thanks for all the comments, and, uh, a special thanks to everyone for the tips on detonators. I just want to say this will be my last post for a little while, and, uh… what this community has meant to me these weeks, these months, let’s just say none of us… is alone anymore. Okay? Tomorrow’s Election Day. And Bella Reál will win. She promised real change. But we know the truth, don’t we? You’ve seen Gotham’s true face now. Together, we’ve unmasked it. Its corruption, its perversion masquerading under the guise of renewal. But unmasking is not enough. The day of judgment is finally upon us. And now it is time for retribution. I’ve parked seven vans all along the city seawall. And on the big night, they will go boom. When the vans blow, the flooding will happen so fast, evacuation will not be an option. Those who are not washed away will race through the streets in terror. Now, when the time arrives, I will already be unmasked. The pigs will have me in their custody, but that’s okay. Because then it will be your turn. You’ll be there, waiting. It’s time for the lies to finally end. False promises of renewal? CHANGE? We’ll give them real, real change now. We’ve spent our lives in this wretched place, SUFFERING! Wondering, “Why us?” Now they will spend their last moments wondering, “Why them?”

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