Hey mods fuck you here’s another ten reasons why!

I saw the post earlier criticizing the mods and was shocked to see they failed to mention the most important points. I fully expect the mods to remove this since they love censorship, but it needs to be said.

1. I asked the hottest mod out (you know who you are 😩) and they rejected me. This is a blatant abuse of power. Women are NOT allowed to say no to me.

2. My posts havent gotten nearly enough upvotes. Clearly the mods are forcing people to ignore me and it’s disgusting.

3. They havent removed a SINGLE post of mine. How am I gonna get the aforementioned hot mod to respond to my dms if she doesnt have to? How much more obvious do I need to be??

4. The whole pedophilia issue on this submadghosts is out of control. I havent been able to dm a single pedophile and talk about our shared interest. It shouldnt be this hard to find a middle aged sugar daddy.

5. Back to the first issue, why won’t you message me back we could be so happy together. Im doing this for you baby, please.

6. They let the automod do all the work for them and dont comment on my posts. Dont get me wrong I wet my willy really silly to the automods messages but I prefer the real thing, yknow?

7. They havent figured out my age yet. Ive been leaving little clues in all my posts, and although the puzzle is moderately hard its doable.

8. Please please im on my knees baby just respond to my dms. If you click on it youll see there arent any images this time I couldnt have sent anything ‘fun’ (By fun I mean my pp) (pp is slang for penis) (its 5 1/2 inches long, significantly above average)

9. I dont think its going too far to compare the mods to nazis. They let me have no free will and dont give me any attention. At the very least they could dm me the numbers of some of their single friends. Or refer me to some of the pedos they banned.

I wish you luck, those of you who managed to read this before the little hitlers (mods) removed this post the second it was up. I love you

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