Hi. (Sorry for my bad english)

(Sorry for my bad english, I’m not a native english speaker so please don’t blame me.
It’s not my fault that I wasn’t born in an english speaking country.

If I was born somewhere else, I would have probably gotten a better education.
Only with school I could learn the hard vocabulary and especially grammar and spelling.
For example I want to spell the word:


This word probably doesn’t even make sense but spelling it is even harder.

Then there are also words like “running” that have multiple meanings.

*”Is the refrigerator running?”*
In this case ‘running’ can mean:

*’running’ in the sense of very fast walking*
*’running’ in the sense of functioning*

There’s also another problem:
Sometimes you know the word you want to say, but only in your native language.
This can add to the frustration of english text production.

The grammar is pretty confusing too.
If you want to learn the whole grammar, _good luck_.
But fortunately, you don’t need to know every bit of grammar.
*Most* of the people will understand you, if you keep the necessary grammar in your head.

But in text production and especially on school or serious work, you need very good grammar so you can get good grades or a promotion or leave the readers satisfied.

The good news is that most of the people wouldn’t spot the small grammar errors.

The bad news is that there are sociopaths that have nothing else with their lives to do than scan every single fucking word for errors.

But it’s ok if it’s your job…)

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