hitler moveset idea (for a fighting game of sorts)

hitler would be a close combat character with decent hit points and medium-high damage output with alot of AOE attacks and good utility


1) iron fisting – this is hitler’s m1 attack , deals low damage but has a special gimmick , everytime you hit a opponent , a bullet is fired infront of you (with a 0,5 sec delay) , and at every 5th hit , fire a tank shell infront of you that deals decent AOE damage (just a bit higher than the bullet damage)

2) Stielhandgranate – smash a grenade on a stick into whatever is infront of you causing high AOE damage and temporarily stunning your opponent and sending them flying like a football , be careful though , this attack also deals low damage to you so make sure you can fall back to a safe area after you use this attack (9 sec cooldown)

3)blitzkreig charge – for 7 second reduce the animation of your m1 by 5 frames and lower the m1’s bullet fire delay to 0.3 seconds , increases speed and damage (also increases AOE) and reduce the animation of you other attacks by 7 frames (also lowers Stielhandgranate and Artilleriefeuer to 4 secs) (15 sec cooldown)

4)Artilleriefeuer – fire 3 artilley shells that land right infront of you that deals high AOE damage ( 8 sec cooldown) . after dealing about 300 or something damage (somewhere around a big number of damage i guess) , upgrade Artilleriefeuer to Schwerer Gustav (for one use)| Schwerer Gustav does very high damage in a big AOE infront of you , and stun all opponents hit (executes if your opponent is low)

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