Hot female teacher licked my abs

I am 17 year old male with a shredded physique (latino) tiktok fuckboy / sarms goblin who has an obsession with omegle. I hit the gym 5 times a week bench 225, deadlift 440 and squat 280 and have a visible six pack. When I was 15, (still muscular but skinnier) after school ended on my birthday I took my shirt off then this blonde ig thot wearing short shorts with huge curvy tanned body who does only fans model aged 20 kissed me and with red lipstick all the way from head to bulge then for some reason licked my abs and chest then lightly slapped me and said happy birthday you twink.

It kind of tickled when she kissed my body and left lipstick kiss marks all over my abs, chest, neck and face. It felt like I was on steroids my heart started beating really fast, my abs got a huge pump like I worked out and my dick was about to ejaculate when she walked away in her purple dress with her massive ass from behind. You could see her thighs tanned perfectly with cellulite with a little bit of her ass showing.

If you really want to know who she was then fine this is her tiktok: [](

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