How Arkansas mechanic responds to picture of him wearing a g-string

First of all I don’t think you could afford me I’m an ASE master fabricator a my card Platinum actually had a company pay me $20,000 to move across country to f****** work for their company she better watch your mouth little boy I built a 1.5 million dollar car I made a bill to work with rotisserie and there’s nothing that I can’t f****** do with metal so shut your mouth little boy second of all you grabbing pictures off my f****** Facebook ain’t going to f****** bother me they’re all my Facebook what is the matter with it what the f****** g-strings what’s the matter little b**** you ain’t confident enough to wear something like that what do you have those little $7.95 tighty whities what you need to do is shut your mouth little boy and go back to elementary school before I piss on your face you understand don’t come out to the yard playing with the big boys those are $40 f****** adult g-strings that I bought from the adult store now I don’t think you can afford my kind of underwear so before you start running your mouth get the f*** on and go home before you get hurt because if you want to make fun of panties or something how would you like it if I strip down to those panties and I’ll beat your ass in the street in front of all your friends so you just go back and buy you a little Dollar store drawers I like to buy nice high-end s*** I get the f*** on homie you can’t afford what I do

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