How dare you pretend to be a barely clothed dishie – no shirt no shoes no working a service!

Fuck this sub and every single one of you pieces of shit that condoned these posts. This is not okay. This is disgusting. I have participated in frat house shenanigans in my lifetime while employed in the food service industry, but recklessly ignoring food safety guidelines for the purpose of fucking Madghosts karma is not something I’ve ever done. Fuck you if you think anything about this story is okay. FUCK. YOU. I hope every one of you dumb, ignorant fucks gets fired until you learn how to act like a goddamn professional. Working naked is not how you achieve that, and is certainly not how you are required by law to act in a fucking commercial kitchen. Fucking downvote me, I don’t give one single fuck. I wear my clothes at work, I give every conscious effort to work cleanly and safely to make sure I don’t get people sick. Fuck fat Greg. Whatever his name is, fuck this guy so hard his ass falls out and we can make sausage casing from it. Probably would still be more sanitary than him touching thousands of plates ducking naked. Silverware, glass wear, pans, pots, small wear, utensils, all touched by a naked man. Fucking disgusting.

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