How do I get my players to stop urinating on things?

How do I get my players to stop urinating on things? Really sorry if this has been asked before. I’m partially to blame for this. On two separate occasions, my party has successfully solved a riddle/puzzle by using “I pee on it” as a solution. In both situations, urine was not intended as a solution, but with an honest assessment on my part as the DM, I had to concede that it could work as a possible answer. Now, whenever my party hits a roadblock, that’s usually their first go to. I’m fine with a hefty amount of silliness in my campaigns, but at this point it’s getting a little stale. I make them roll CON checks, and force a cooldown between attempts, but even then between the 5 of them they find ways to keep it going. Any thoughts? Any puzzle suggestions I could use that would punish them if they tried to whip it out? To their credit, they’re usually very good about regulating it to isolated dungeons and not public areas, so having the city guards intervene is unfortunately out. Thanks in advance for the help!

Edit: Just to specify based on some of the comments, my players are good, chill, dudes. We have a lot of fun playing together and I’m grateful they’re engaging with the game in a way that’s fun for them. I have no interest in getting new players as we’re all irl friends lol. Was hoping to receive some advice more along the lines of clever or silly suggestions to match their antics, and have already been suggested some great ones! To y’all who have suggested I talk to them out of game, I appreciate you, but thought I’d make this edit to clarify

Edit 2: No, I’m not going to pee on them

Edit 3: Since it keeps getting asked regarding the previous puzzles (y’all can decide if they’re valid or not). Copied from a comment I made below:

The first one they used pee for was to find the pathing for an invisible walkway over a large chasm. I had it all set up in a desert temple (surrounded by sand) and figured they’d go for a Last Crusade type beat and sprinkle some sand or throw something out into the void and figure out the solution that way. Unfortunately for me, they never considered an invisible pathway and opted for peeing into the void as a form of rebellion and expressing frustration with the “puzzle”. Guy rolled a 18 on his CON and the party were surprised when they noticed some of his urine “floating” in mid air.

Second time was a riddle that basically the answer/solution was to get the door wet to unlock it. I set up a well in the center of the room. Also I gave them a riddle and some clues that hinted towards that being the key. Party never solved the riddle, but peed on the door in frustration. Boom. Puzzle solved

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