How do I get my teen friend (11M) to like me? (18M)

I’m a church worker (18M), and my 3-month friend Isaac (11M) is a worker too, we do get alone with each other all the time, he seems to like me, we talk but just ordinary conversations, he is just too stiff and shy to talk freely.

He doesn’t admit to like anything, even when he definetly do, for example he showed me his favourite artist, and I do like him too, I talked about another really famous song of him and he said “Oh yeah, I’ve heard about” (He definetly loves the song).

He is even having musical classes with me (I’m the teacher)

What habits can I have to make him feel free to talk with me?

EDIT: No! I’m the responsible for the youth in our church, and I just want to be more friendly and get the young to know I’m a person to trust!

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