How do I stop my girlfriend from playing “Fruit Salad” by The Wiggles while we are having sex?

My gf (29F) thought it would be funny to play the song while we were about to have sex one time to see if I (30M) would get hard. Of course, she did this while giving me a blow job so, of course, I did get hard and then we proceeded to have the most amazing sex ever.

I thought it would be a one time funny thing but now she’s treating it like an experiment. Think Pavlov’s dogs: every time I’m horny, she gives me a blow job and plays the song. Her theory is that eventually I’ll just hear the song and get an erection. I love my girlfriend, and love how silly she is, but the last thing I want to listen to while we are having sex is four Australian men singing “yummy yummy” over and over again.

How do I get it to stop?

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