How i (a gamer) epicly pwned and destroyed my teacher in the middle of class, AITA?

I was in school right? Its 3rd period, english (or as i like to call it LAME period😂) and my teacher tries starting the lession. I shouted “SUS!” At the top of my lungs and looked around the classroom to see if anybody was laughing. My teacher looked at me a frowned like i was an idiot. I didnt let him mog me though. I saw my crush Bethany sitting on the complete opposite side of the room from me, i winked and her and did my best troll face impression. She looked at me for a second like she was confused and then looked down at her desk. I guess she’s a normie lol. I knew that since she didnt get my first joke i’d do a fortnite reference, so i jumped out of my desk while the teacher was mid lesson and i started flossing infront of the whole class. I screamed “THE TEACHER IS THE IMPOSTER” and “I have african children locked in my basement” as a joke but nobody laughed and my teacher looked shocked. I got sent to the principals office and told the principal i wasnt racist and i dont have african children in my basement, it was just a meme. Of course the principal is too old to understand so i thought of a joke that he’d get.

I ran out of the principals office and started screaming “BOMB! I PUT A BOMB IN THE CAFETERIA GUYS HAHA” Immediately 911 was called and bomb squad showed upto my school. I was put in handcuffs and escorted to a police car. I told the cops “don’t worry guys its ok im white” (like the filthy frank reference) but they didn’t the joke and now everyone thinks im racist and a threat to SUSciety



[Pic is me](

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