How I got banned of GenZedong

Imagine waiting nine months to give birth to a child you dearly love, watching them grow up slowly and flourishing in their evironmemt, seeing them experience new things and enjoying them thoroughly, and being happy. However, there comes a time where adulthood takes its place in life, and they have to adapt so that they can continue with their life, so that they can get a job, a house, a partner, a family, and maybe even true happiness.

Sometimes though, this transition fails to come to fruition, and a person become unhappy and spiteful in their own insufficiency. As a result, they make a madghosts account to escape the chaos in their life.

They click on [r/GenZedong]( for the first time. Their life changes for the worst. They become so engrossed in hate and anger, all while having the maturity of a toddler. They see an action performed by an American which may seem negative to their glorious adoptive motherland of China. They kneel down towards their keyboard, with all three hundred pounds of their weight, and type one word. “AmeriKKKa”.

#banned #GenZedong

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