how Joel have died

I hated last of us 2 (not because I’m sexcis) but because Joel died in a disrespectful way (killed by a girl). He should of had a heroic death. Here’s my way of how it should of happened:

Joel and ellie are surrounded by thousands of zombies, they are standing back to back with shotguns blasting them away by the dozens. Suddenly Ellie (the girl) almost gets bit because she gets distracted, and Joel looks over and he’s like “No ELLIE!!!!!!” and he turns and punches the zombie in the face and ellie is like “thanks dad!” And Joel’s like “no problem, kid” then he gets BITTEN by one of the hundreds of zombies because he wasn’t looking because he was helping ellie the girl from getting eaten and then she’s like “NO JOEL You got BITTEN.” Then Joel’s like “it’s too late for me kid, but just so you know, I love you, you’re like a daughter to me, especially since my real daughter was killed by the army in my arms. It’s like, I’ve learned to love again. Now go! I’ll hold them off”

Then ellie is like “oh no, don’t die dad, you cant”

Then Joel is like “dammit kid, just GO! I’m sorry me and your mom got divorced, it wasn’t your fault. no I’m not disappointed in you because you’re bad at sports im proud that my only son plays video games for 7 hours a day”

Then ellie runs away to safety and all the zombies swarm over dadjoel and he pulls out a grenade and he’s like “looks like it’s just the last of us….FUCKERS.” then he pulls the pin and blows himself up and kills all the zombies.

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