How the iPhone ruined my life.


I had to be like everyone else. I had to buy the iPhone.

This is how the iPhone ruined my life:

I had to wait in line for it at 3 in the morning. My wife never found the note I left for her letting her know I’d be at the mall waiting in line. That’s because I was too distracted by getting an iPhone to actually write a note. I thought I left one, but I guess I didn’t. She called me on my cellphone, probably wondering where the heck I was because I never came home from my late shift at work–I went straight to the mall. I would have answered her call, but I was too embarrassed to expose my old, outdated cellphone. It wasn’t the same, it wasn’t an iPhone.

I was put into debt ’cause I actually couldn’t afford it, so I overdrew on my bank account, which the bank covered, but now I owe the bank, and my mother ’cause I borrowed money from her to cover the bank feed. I also owe my sister ’cause I obviously couldn’t afford the activation fee.

I was fired from my second job ’cause I couldn’t leave my spot in line, so now I need a second job ’cause I need to make payments.

When I finally got home to activate it the police were there ’cause my wife called them, not knowing that I was in line waiting–she thought I went missing. When they finally left we got in a big fight and now we’re getting a divorce. She wanted me to return it but I said no way. We can’t afford it, she says, and I tell her I don’t care, I need it, sell your eggs or something, I waited all day for this and it finally started to make me happy until I came home.

Now it’s just me and iPhone and I’ll soon have enough money to make a payment and download some songs. Maybe just one, though, ’cause I’m in debt.

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